About Monte Holm

Cofounder of World Financial Group, a financial services organization. Beginning in the early 1990s, he built a successful business that would become the World Financial Group. Today, Monte Holm remains active in his company leadership role as an executive vice chairman and member of the board of directors.

At the age of 14, after his father passed away, Monte Holm and his family lost their farm and were left with limited financial options, an experience that would shape his life. Typical of the times, his father had not invested, had limited savings, and no life insurance. After high school, Monte Holm attended Dixie State University, where he was introduced to the opportunity for a career in financial services. Based on his own life experiences, he became committed to helping people get proper protection against whatever life brought them.

In his first year of business, Monte Holm made little more than $7,000, but by the early 1980s he had become a millionaire. Named chairman of the Financial Division in 2003, he steered this department toward record-breaking growth, an accomplishment acknowledged by the company when, in 2005, it named him president. He later transitioned roles within the company from a management role to a field leadership role.


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